This is Normal

Every morning nearly half of the world's population will walk an average 6km round trip for water from contaminated sources.This contaminated water contributes to killing upwards of 2 million children every year. This crisis hardly registers on the international agenda.

This is extraordinarily normal.

'This is Normal' weaves together 3 stories: Dick G treenly a successful American-businessman; Petronella a mother of 8 in rural Zambia; and Jimmy Kamfwa a well-driller in Samfya, Zambia.

Petronella knows that the water she fetches makes her children sick but her only choice is to collect water from the nearby lake until another solution is provided.

Dick Greenly chased the American Dream and caught it, but he was unsatisfied.  After Dick discovered the reality of the water crisis he decided his mission was to eradicate the world’s water crisis. This resulted in a system that trains and employs local men in the developing world to drill water wells.

Jimmy Kamfwa struggles to support his wife and two children until he is trained to drill water wells. He is empowered to make a difference not only for his family but for his fellow Zambians as well.  These stories converge on Petronella’s village and all three lives are changed by a hole in the ground.

Could this be the “new normal” for billions around the world?